VIP Lapazalicious SPA

Ladies its time to finally invest in yourself and your girlfriends. VIP Lapazalicious SPA Bi-Weekly Edition is dedicated to bring the real ladies night together again. Many women want to visit a SPA on a regular basis but, now a days with the economy, the responsibilities of family, work and just everyday life issues.

Lapazalicious SPA Bi-Weekly Edition, is going to give you tips and different little recipes for fabulous little snacks and drinks to try with your girlfriends. We’re hoping to give you the needed bi-weekly jolt that you need to get things started for you and your girls to get back on the same page.

Gentlemen, if you have a girlfriend, mother, daughter or whomever she maybe you really don’t want her to miss out on this.  Visit and click on the VIP tab on the right hand side and then the rest is history.

Ladies give yourself permission to relax!

VIP Lapazalicious SPA Edition
Where Relaxation is the beginning of being Fabulous!

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